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Dare Part 2 Kickstarter!

I’m making a fan-demanded sequel to the short film that became Dare, my first feature. The short (also called Dare) was a first year film school project. It was successful on the film festival circuit circa 2005 and had a different cast than the feature. A few years after the feature came out I noticed there were fan creations of the short all over Youtube. There was a dance mix version, someone had made their own Portuguese subtitles, etc. But one thing was universal, they were all awful quality, so uploaded the short to my channel so fans could see a hi rez version, and lo and behold and it organically went viral, now with 12+ million views. There are thousands of comments asking for a part 2 with the original short film cast, which has inspired us to start working to make a sequel. Everyone is returning, the writer, director (me), cast (Michael Cassidy and Adam Fleming), the DP, the costume designer, the composer. We need your help! Please check out the kickstarter and if it resonates I hope you will support the film! Thank you!

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